11 December 2016

The rest of the story

Some have asked and others have silently wondered about how baby 3 can be announced and born within two months. I've also wanted to share that I wasn't totally lying during our summer trip when we saw so many friends and family, but denied all such ideas. 

Our family was interested in having more children in the home, with a possibility of early to mid-2017 as the arrival. You may or may not know that post-baby hormones and nursing throw regular signs of womanhood into irregularity for a while. Without going into uncomfortable detail, it was decided that I should take a pregnancy test in the Spring when irregularity stopped. The test failed. The plan was to buy another test, but that didn't happen very quickly. I felt a ill around the same time everyone here got a stomach bug, only mine lasted two weeks longer than everyone else. Beyond that stint of illness, I felt nothing out of the ordinary.

That ordinary continued until right after our reunion weeks in July, where many noticed my increased pudgy that I attributed to the end of nursing, we stayed in a hotel to break up the drive home. We had just crawled into bed when the baby moved. "Ummm, husband? Something just moved. It wasn't me." A test then confirmed that we were on the way to another child, with the possibility of already being 17 weeks along. Now we are looking forward to our little Christmas present. 

And now you know the rest of the story

12 June 2016

Give Me Liberty

The princess has a new pair of black leggings that say 'Give me liberty or give me death.' Very princess-y. The material is a husband old t-shirt. She likes them, even if the fit is a little off. Little material meant a slightly skewed cut. Leggings are really easy and she likes them. These will likely live in the pajama section of her drawer, but couldn't use a few patriotic quote pants?

(Cast off in 3 days, but then she won't glow in the dark anymore. Maybe we can find out what Gilligan ate in the one episode of Gilligan's Island still in my memory...)

09 May 2016

Kind of Pretty in Pink

Another cake. As much fun as it is to create, I realize every time how much I have to learn. Either way, the finish was much appreciated by the birthday girl. It is supposed to be a pioneer woman. I used beet juice to dye the frosting, which was lighter than expected. (My daughter picked the pink color.) Looking back, I would make a few shades for variety, but it thinned the consistency enough that I worried it would slide off the cake.  This was the Wonder mold pan by Wilton. It takes about 5-6 cups of batter. I didn't have that much here, but it worked. 

Just another entry to show I'm still alive. Thanks for looking in.

17 November 2015

I finally made it!

For the Princess: One of my old shirts was on its way out about the same time I discovered this idea from Sugar Tart Craft to use adult shirts to make shirts/dresses for children. Adding a link isn't working at the moment, but will, if I remember, try again. It was a new experience really working with knits, but the double needle really, really helped! Unfortunately I bent it yesterday working on another project.

However, she loves her dress. It's her 'flower dress' even with the not flower looking glob at the top. Better luck next time. The ruffle was made by sewing a tight zig zag stitch on the edge of the fabric while stretching it. I need to try again, but it kind of worked.

For the Little Man: He got a Sunday outfit. The pants and shirt both came from Daddy's closet. The pants pattern I made by tracing some currently fitting pants, because pants are actually super easy. The shirt was a free pattern from (I'll research this and put it in soon). It bothers me that little boy dress shirts are not onesies, so I made it myself. It is way better than trying to tuck in every minute at church. One less thing to distract during the meeting. It turned out well, but I have some changes for next time. Thankfully Daddy's shirt is big enough to make two. That way I don't have to make the buttons, also know as a placket.

Now on to the next project. I just have to pick which one...

12 September 2015

Accessorize Mommy

The latest craze in my project frenzied brain: Nursing necklaces. The Little Man approves. These are a way for mom to accessorize without breaking the child or the jewelry. Lots of people sell them. Lots of people make them. Lots of people make tutorials for them. This is not a full tutorial. It is me sharing an added safety feature. Instead of adding free beads to a fabric tube, I strung them first. This way if the seam pops or baby's newly minted fangs rip the fabric, the bead won't pop down his throat. It must have been insiration, because this tired mommy brain is a bit preoccupied. This is still not a toy, but my little guy hangs on to it all the time. He munches occasionally too, but mostly hangs on. Keeps us connected.

06 May 2015

Re: Brainwaves

Dear Little Fiend that has taken residence on my shoulder,
You must be tired. Since the birth of my son, you have amped up your constant propaganda in my head. For the record, I will survive, even when the baby is crying, or when dinner is at 9 pm, or when I haven't slept in days, or when the toddler is behaving as only she knows how, or when the laundry is about to swallow the house whole, or when we have to eat with our fingers, because no silverware is clean (not that the toddler minds), or when, upon entering the kitchen, you get stuck as if in quicksand from the layers of spilled yesterday's juice. Your voice may seem strong from the post-pregnancy hormones or from the sleep depravation, but I won't give in yet. Please consider moving.
A new mommy